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The State of product Analytics

How global product teams drive growth with data.

What do product innovation and growth look like in a world where digital is taking over and companies win and lose over user experience?

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Product innovation is happening globally

We surveyed over 450 product managers, leaders, analysts, and designers in six regions around the world to uncover the latest trends, focuses, and struggles. We found a handful of findings that surprised us, and others that confirmed what we always suspected.

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    459 Product Managers & Leaders

  • icon-regions

    North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East

  • icon-companies

    SMB to Fortune 100 Enterprises

  • icon-industries

    Consumer Tech, Retail & eCommerce, Financial Services, B2B, and Media/Entertainment

Metrics that matter most

We asked which metrics matter most in measuring success and driving product innovation among product teams.

Top 3 metrics that matter most to product teams
  • #1 Retention

    Users coming back

  • #2 Engagement

    Frequency & cadence of key actions

  • #3 Conversion

    Driving purchases, signups, and form fills

The rest of the metrics product teams care about
  • Revenue

    Sales revenue generated

  • Active Usage

    Daily / Weekly / Monthly active users

  • NPS

    Customer satisfaction

  • Activation

    First value moment

Barriers, challenges, & blind spots

Data may be abundant, but product teams are still struggling to use it to inform product decisions.

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    Only 10% reported being able to validate all of their important product decisions with data

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    Over 50% of product teams feel they are unable to quickly answer product questions

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    38% feel they are not able to effectively measure their most important metrics

  • 67%

    aren’t confident they understand their conversion rates and know where and why users drop-off

  • 51%

    aren’t confident they know what brings users back to their product

  • 48%

    aren’t confident they understand their customer journeys through their product

  • 47%

    aren’t confident they have the ability to measure the impact of their feature launches

How do Mixpanel users stack up against others?

We compared survey data from Mixpanel customers and non-Mixpanel customers to see how they stacked up.

The data we get from Mixpanel is vital to what we do, every day. Teams across the company are able to answer their own analytics questions easily, without any developer skills. Jeff Parker VP of Product Strategy & Design, Quicken Inc.
1. Confidence in making product decisions
  • Mixpanel
    59% 41%
    32% Improvement
  • Other
    40% 60%
2. Ability to answer questions more quickly
  • Mixpanel
    57% 43%
    26% Improvement
  • Other
    42% 58%
The State of Product Analytics

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