Data science

Know why users behave the way
they do

With data science models, predict users’ actions, identify behavioral correlations, and get alerts when key metrics change so you can take action right away.

Signal report showing how user behaviors correlate to goal events, such as plan upgrades

Discover what behaviors lead to a particular goal

Surface the user behaviors that correlate with your goals, like a purchase, an upsell, or higher retention, but leave the math to Mixpanel. Run experiments to see what actually leads to your goals, so you know what to recreate or prioritize.

Causal Impact Analysis

Measure the success of your launches

Go beyond correlations with advanced causal models. The Impact report uses propensity matching to account for external factors so you know if your feature launches impacted user behavior.

On-demand Funnel Segmentation

Surface the top conversion drivers

Discover which specific user segments, like Referrer = Linkedin, or Browser = Firefox, are driving the conversion rates in your funnels up or down, all with a single click. Mixpanel combs through each property and value, so you can spot why certain users convert or not.

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