Data science

Know why users behave the way they do with data science models

Let Mixpanel take your user behavior analytics a step further with data models that predict users' actions, identify behavioral correlations, and alert you when important metrics change. Uncover what drives your KPIs up or down, so you can take the right action.

A Mixpanel Predict report showing what events are most likely to convert after using a free trial

Predict who is likely to convert for more relevant communications

Mixpanel’s predictive analytics model uses past behaviors to surface which users are likely (or unlikely) to perform an action. Target potential converters or at-risk users with timely messages and special offers, to increase conversions.

An Anomaly Detection notification show that an A/B test group is preforming below expected
Anomaly Detection

React quickly when KPIs change out of the blue

Get notified immediately when important metrics spike or dip unexpectedly, along with the users causing the change, so you can take action right away.

A Retention report showing a notification alerting of an interesting segment. For example, users that were Facebook referrals retain 17% worse than the average retention rate for 7 weeks
Automatic Segmentation

Know which user segments are causing metric spikes

Automatically surface interesting segments of users, like male iPhone users in Canada who convert 40% less (or more) than others. Quickly make changes to fix what’s causing the drop (or adjust your ad budget to capture the spike in interest).

Signal report showing how user behaviors correlate to goal events, such as plan upgrades

Discover what behaviors lead to a particular goal

Surface the user behaviors that correlate with your goals, like a purchase, an upsell, or higher retention, but leave the math to Mixpanel. Run experiments to see what actually leads to your goals, so you know what to recreate or prioritize.

A Funnel report where Mixpanel helps you understand which user segments drive conversion rates up or down
On-demand Funnel Analysis

Surface the top conversion drivers

Understand how much a user segment, like platform = iOS, or state = Utah, drives conversion rates in your funnels up or down, in just a couple clicks. Mixpanel combs through each property and value, so you can spot why certain users convert or not.

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