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Create effective in-product experiences using Mixpanel data

About Chameleon
Chameleon helps keep your product and users in sync and drive “product success”. With Chameleon you can onboard new users, inform customers about product changes, and capture essential feedback at key moments. Do all this with natively-styled, targeted, and personalized in-product experiences, such as banners, walkthroughs, modals, tooltips, checklists, and surveys—all built easily without coding.

How Chameleon and Mixpanel work together
Leverage your Mixpanel cohorts inside Chameleon; target users within these cohorts with specific in-product experiences built with Chameleon.

See how your in-product experiences perform using Mixpanel; automatically see all data related to your Chameleon Experiences inside Mixpanel, including A/B test data formatted for Mixpanel Experiments reports.

Use cases for integration
* Announce features to users that are most likely to be interested
* Collect qual and quant feedback and combine with your analytics data
* Offer pro-active help and support to at-risk or confused users
* Offer a sales call to users identified as product-qualified leads
* Test upsell and product-growth experiences
* Assess how in-product experiences affect longer-term engagement and retention

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel, Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Formatted for Experiments Report, Schemas sync

Learn how to integrate Mixpanel with Chameleon
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