Achieving Product-Led Growth [Startup Version] - Mixpanel

Achieving Product-Led Growth [Startup Version]

  • 1 hour

The future of growth belongs to the products that demonstrate value. To create stickier products, startups and new businesses will have to go through the continuous loop of listening to their customers, understanding their needs, and constant testing to adapt the product experience for each user. Product-led growth is not just reliant on one team; it’s a company-wide action plan.

Join Apoorva, Customer Success Manager at Mixpanel as she reveals secrets on how to implement a product-led growth strategy for your startups early on.

If you are looking to implement product-led growth, then you can’t miss this webinar.

In this webinar you will learn
  • What is Product-Led Growth?
  • Steps to drive PLG in your organization
  • Getting into metrics and what to measure
  • Case study on how Mixpanel tripled its NPS by doubling down on PLG
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