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Measuring the impact of your product launch

  • 29mins

Have you ever felt the excitement of shipping a brand-new, game-changing feature? Engagement starts to surge and you’re feeling great…until you realize that the PM next to you just shipped their own feature and marketing just launched a bold, new campaign—all on the same day.

How do you know who’s responsible for the success—and how much of it are they responsible for? For most PMs, questions like these are all too common, and answers can feel elusive and nebulous.

If you’ve ever faced this, then this mini-webinar is for you! Join us as Mixpanel PM, Brandon Skerda, walks through an easy step-by-step process for answering the age-old question that plagues every PM’s mind: Did it work?

You’ll walk away knowing how to figure out:
  • How to assess the effect of your product launches without the need for A/B testing
  • What a self-selection bias is and how can you avoid it when measuring impact
  • How to demonstrate your team's value without bothering data scientists
  • Brandon Skerda
    Brandon Skerda Product Manager @ Mixpanel Speaker info

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