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5 ways to keep pace with disruptors

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Many traditional businesses are struggling to adapt to the unprecedented disruption to their sectors driven by the speed of technological change. It’s estimated that even at the current churn rate, half of the Fortune 500 will be replaced in the next 10 years. In reality, it’s likely to be even more of a bloodbath.

To protect themselves, traditional businesses must take inspiration from the digitally-native disruptors themselves. In this on-demand webinar, hear from the experts at Candyspace the five key attributes that will enable those businesses to thrive in today’s digital-first world. You’ll also hear from ITV on how they’re adapting rapidly to change.

Don't miss out on learning:
  • How traditional businesses can beat the disruptors at their own game.
  • How data-driven decision-making underpinned by product analytics can drive change at speed.
  • Stories of how brands–including ITV– have successfully put these ideas into practice.
Meet the speakers:
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    Stu Jones Head of Product, ITV Hub Speaker info
  • MattSimpson
    Matt Simpson Managing Director, Candyspace Speaker info
  • El-Reeve
    El Reeve Senior UX Designer Speaker info

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