Product analytics vs. Marketing analytics (and why you need both) | Mixpanel Webinar

Product analytics vs. Marketing analytics

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To be competitive and successful in today’s digital industry, companies need to offer their customers an exceptional experience at every turn. To do so, they must constantly iterate on their products and the campaigns their users interact with.

It’s easier said than done, and requires collecting the right data and using the right tools to interpret it, to ultimately guide decision making across the business.

In this on-demand webinar, the experts from Mixpanel and Human37 unpack the difference between two commonly misused, but equally important, toolsets: product analytics and marketing analytics. They break down how the data collected differs, the types of insights you’re able to surface with each, and how they complement each other. Killian Saint cricq, Engineering Manager & Full-Stack Developer at StuDocu, also shares how they successfully use both tools to build better products and campaigns.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • The key insights you can derive from marketing analytics tools like Google Analytics.
  • Why GA isn't enough, and how product analytics tools help you go deeper to understand product usage data.
  • How Studocu successfully uses both toolsets to better acquire, convert, and retain users.
Meet the speakers:
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    Glenn Vanderlinden Co-founder and Strategy Lead @ Human37 About Glenn
  • Killian
    Killian Saint cricq Engineering Manager & Full-Stack Developer @ StuDocu About Killian

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