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Understanding the state of product analytics

  • 54mins

How today’s leading product teams are using data to drive product-led growth—and what the future may hold.

In our survey of nearly 500 product leaders across the globe, 68% indicated that retention is the metric that matters most to them. Yet, 50% of product teams aren’t confident they have the tools to measure their focus metric—and that struggle may be even greater depending on your industry.

What does all of this mean? How do you stack up? And how do successful product teams stay ahead of the curve?

Inspired by our newly released State of Product Analytics report, in partnership with Product School, Mixpanel invites you to continue the conversation in an exclusive webinar with our Head of Product & Content Marketing and special guest, Oz Nazilli, Director of Product at TWG, a Toronto-based firm that has helped hundreds of reputable brands launch products you know and love.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • The top questions being asked by product teams across the globe
  • How successful brands use data to make key product and engagement decisions
  • Early trends in how the role of product analytics is changing due to COVID-19
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