How Skillshare increased its users by 30x - Mixpanel

How Skillshare increased its users by 30x

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Why do companies mistrust their data? Once Mixpanel is implemented, the final step to democratizing data is an organizational one. The data is being ingested, but in order to make sure users can learn from it, a company needs a clear analytics strategy to make sure everyone is on the same page. When events are defined nebulously and which metrics matter most are unclear, efforts are duplicated, and productivity declines.

Liz Yeomans and her team at Skillshare faced this problem. Their original implementation was not done with the company’s KPIs in mind. The person who set it up had built it for their own use, leaving everyone else to figure out how to navigate a messy ecosystem.

After approaching Mixpanel for help, Liz simplified Skillshare’s implementation and used the Lexicon feature to make sure it would remain accessible to new users. The tool went from 1 user to 30, with more employees asking for logins every day.

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  • Importance of implementing Mixpanel correctly
  • Why a clear analytics strategy is necessary to make sure everyone is on the same page
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    Liz Yeomans Head of Mobile Product @ Skillshare

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