Mixpanel x AB Tasty demo - Mixpanel

Mixpanel x AB Tasty demo

  • 42mins

Knowing is better than guessing when it comes to something as important as your customer experience. Eliminate the guesswork on understanding what your customers want by running data-driven experiments.

Join Mixpanel and AB Tasty as we walk you through a demo of our integrated approach to analyze the impact of experiments on user behaviors to best optimize your customer experience.

In this session we show you how to:
  • Build and deploy client-side and server-side experiments on your users
  • Optimize your customer experience on your app or website
  • Get a better understanding of your customers by adding more robust user data to your experimentation process
  • Analyze results of experiments and the effect it has on user behaviour
  • Segment and build custom audience profiles for personalized testing and to customize user journeys
  • RafaelLoh
    Rafael Loh Senior Solutions Consultant, APAC, Mixpanel
  • edouard-descamps-e-008-2-1024x683
    Edouard Descamps CSM Lead, APAC, AB Tasty

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