Empowering your growing product team - Mixpanel

Empowering your growing product team

  • 38mins

Akio Bandle, Senior Product Manager at ZipRecruiter and Neil Rahilly, VP of Product & Design at Mixpanel discuss strategies to build world-class product teams.

Both ZipRecruiter and Mixpanel boast world class, innovative product teams. Their secret? Clear goals that evolve as they build based on how customers react.

Neil will share how he helped grow his product team from the ground up through a no meetings culture that removed roadblocks and empowered employees to make quick decisions. Akio will share his product ethos, simply put—planning is overrated.​

If you or your team are forgetting to leave a seat at the table for your customer or wasting time getting roadmaps approved, this is an event you can’t miss.

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    Neil Rahilly VP of Product & Design @ Mixpanel

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