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Going international: the do’s and don’ts of rapid scaling

  • 60Mins
In partnership with:
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Scaling a business internationally is an exciting opportunity to reach new consumers and unlock new revenue streams, but it’s a challenge riddled with potential pitfalls. All too often, companies make the mistake of replicating a successful local model without adapting to the unique needs of a new market. Without a solid plan in place, they burn through capital and damage their team in the process.

So how do you scale smartly and effectively?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear, a panel of local experts from Neptune Software, Becour, HealthechLisboa and Ailuna unpack how you can successfully grow your business in new regions.

Don’t miss out on hearing:
  • How you can successfully use data to scale resources
  • Tips for mastering local languages, customs, and policies
  • Advice on how to structure and grow teams
  • Stories of how businesses of all sizes and stages of growth have fostered a culture of rapid innovation
  • Andreas
    Andreas Sulejewski CEO @ Neptune Software
  • Hans
    Hans Petter Kildal CEO and Founder @ Becour
  • Rune
    Rune Bøen Chief Digital Officer @ Becour
  • Lars
    Lars Wahlstrom Co-founder & Partner @ HealthtechLisboa
  • Lars Ronning
    Lars Ronning Founder & CEO @ Ailuna
  • Natalie_1
    Natalie Kouzeleas Director EMEA & LATAM @ Mixpanel

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