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LinkedIn + successful product launches

  • 43mins

In a recent product management survey, only 20% of respondents said their company managed product launches well. The remaining majority blamed misalignment and poor communication between product and marketing teams for the failed launches. So how can brands overcome this common challenge?

Join the product and marketing duo behind LinkedIn Stories Ads for a fireside chat and learn how they successfully launched their biggest beta to both advertisers and members during COVID.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How they aligned teams and built a communication process to collaborate effectively
  • Their method for gathering feedback and implementing changes in a timely manner
  • What challenges they encountered, and advice on how to overcome them
  • IMG_0357
    Gil Mark Product Manager at Linkedin
  • ArjunDesai_Headshot
    Arjun Desai Product Marketing Manager at Linkedin
  • IMG_5100
    Anya Pratskevich Product Marketing Manager at Mixpanel

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