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Making better product decisions using evidence

  • 45mins

Product decisions are crucial for the success of our companies, yet we frequently get them wrong. Often our framework for decision-making relies not on data, but instead on the basis of opinions, intuition, consensus, and biases. Even if we do have data, it’s not always interpreted correctly, or we may read too much into it.

Watch this on-demand workshop and learn from Itamar Gilad how to strike the right balance between using data and intuition, to make decisions based on evidence. Modelled after the scientific method, Itamar will walk through his Confidence Meter, a tool he developed to help teams shorten the time spent on making product decisions while increasing the likelihood of making the right ones.

Meet the speakers:
  • Itamar-small-e1586249578143
    Itamar Gilad Product management coach, speaker, and author, Ex-Google PM About Itamar
  • Joy
    Joy Allan Relationship Manager Team Lead @ Mixpanel

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