Successfully implement product analytics - Mixpanel

Successfully implement product analytics

  • 60mins

You understand the value of product analytics, and how data can bring valuable insights to help you improve your digital assets and drive business outcomes. Now, the challenge is to roll out a product analytics platform and make sure it delivers the desired results.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How you could set the right goals and metrics to measure
  • What you should prepare in the blueprint for platform rollout
  • Useful approaches to building cross functional buy-in and collaboration for the implementation
  • Brad Dunn
    Brad Dunn Chief Product Officer, Whispir Speaker info
  • Hugh McLachlan
    Hugh McLachlan Head of Product, ELMO Software Speaker info
  • Matthew Manning
    Mathew Manning Senior Product Manager, REA Group Speaker info
  • PeishanTan
    Peishan Tan Strategic Customer Success, Mixpanel Speaker info

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