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Accelerate self-serve analytics. Change how PMs, devs & data teams plan, track and govern data.

About Avo
Avo is the next-gen analytics governance where PMs, devs and data teams collaborate to plan, track and govern data.

Built by data and engineering leaders at QuizUp, after being early adopters of product analytics and Mixpanel and learning first-hand the intricacies of managing tracking plans and implementation across teams and products.

How Avo and Mixpanel work together
Accelerate self-serve analytics, with PMs, devs & data teams collaborating to plan, track and govern data. Automate event descriptions into Mixpanel for fast data exploring.

Enable each team member to define high quality events. Fast and easy implementation w/ best-in-class type safe analytics code & debuggers. Peer reviews & branches so multiple teams ship analytics seamlessly in parallel.

Use cases for integration
Avo makes it easy to get high quality data into Mixpanel and Avo makes data-digging faster by automating event descriptions into Mixpanel.

Read how Avo and Mixpanel empower Termius developers to make self-serve data-driven product decisions: https://www.avo.app/customers/avo-and-mixpanel-empower-termius-developers-to-make-self-serve-data-driven-product-decisions

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel, Schemas sync

Learn how to integrate Mixpanel with Avo
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