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About OneSignal
OneSignal is the market-leading push notification & in-app messaging provider. Supporting over 1 million developers and marketers with a best of breed engagement platform, OneSignal delivers 8 billion messages every day across the globe. Powered by superior architecture, the OneSignal platform delivers messages faster, more efficiently, and at a greater scale than any other solution in the world.

How OneSignal and Mixpanel work together
OneSignal’s bi-directional integration with Mixpanel allows you to easily send OneSignal events into Mixpanel and Mixpanel Cohorts back into OneSignal. This allows users to bring together engagement data from OneSignal with their in-app product data via Mixpanel to help better understand their customers, improve customer experiences and ultimately increase customer acquisition and retention.

Use cases for integration
*Personalized messaging: Boost engagement with more contextualized messaging from OneSignal, triggered when users enter or exit Mixpanel cohorts

*Real-time insights: Gain a holistic view of customers by combining Mixpanel in-product user actions and OneSignal message engagement metrics

*Data-driven campaigns: Leverage product-level user insights for re-engaging campaigns through OneSignal

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel, Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Support of Mixpanel’s EU Servers

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