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Integrate Mixpanel with 1000s of applications.

About Workato
Workato is the operating system for today’s fast-moving business. Recognized as a leader, Workato helps people get work done faster by connecting their applications, databases, and systems.

How Workato and Mixpanel work together
Get a complete picture of your customer journey when you connect customer data from thousands of sources to Mixpanel. Add conversion metrics to Mixpanel from any sources so you always have the most up to date information. Furthermore, bring your funnel data to your fingertips with chat bots that pull funnel data right into slack or Microsoft teams.

Use cases for integration
Show user details in Mixpanel via Slack Workbot, New Workbot Command from Slack will Show Funnel details in Mixpanel

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel, Events out of Mixpanel, Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Schemas sync

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