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Connect to your data stack

Only Mixpanel enables interactive event analysis from Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift. Use our connectors to get set up and make it easy to explore product and user behaviour data without SQL.

Import from your
data warehouse
Stream directly from
your site or apps
Export events & cohorts
for further analysis
Cloud Import

Read directly from your data warehouse

Connect Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift to Mixpanel so product teams can use an analysis interface they love, on top of data the data engineering team trusts. This is how Uber and CNN augment internal tools to make product analytics self-serve.

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Collect data from your site or apps

To stream events directly into Mixpanel, use a customer data platform (CDP) or our SDKs. You can instrument tracking on either the client or server side, then query data within seconds of when it's collected.

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Data pipelines saves us a lot of coding time. Before you had to wait for a developer or engineer to write the ETL script every time, which made testing cycles much longer. This shortened the test-to-deployment cycle on the data side considerably.

Robert Chi Data Engineer

Export events
and cohorts

If you elect to stream data using our SDKs, you can use the Data Pipelines add-on to send those events – plus cohorts created in Mixpanel – to your cloud storage. From there, you can answer additional questions by combining product and user data with data from other sources.

Data Pipelines

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Powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.