Introducing JQL.
A powerful new query
language to analyze and
learn from your data.

JQL – JavaScript Query Language – uses the full power of a robust and popular programming language, JavaScript, to let you analyze your data in Mixpanel. It was designed for performance and flexibility so that developers and data scientists can pull the most valuable insights from their data with ease - no matter how complex the question is.

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Behind the scenes, JQL is built using V8: the JavaScript engine that powers the Chrome browser. That means, developers get the full power and flexibility of the JavaScript programming language to query, transform, and analyze their raw data -- both people and events. Mixpanel is your new data warehouse.

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function main() {
// how many people play a song on the radio vs
// on the artist page?
return Events({
from_date: "2015-11-12" ,
to_date: "2015-12-11" ,
.filter(function(event) { return === "Song played" })
.groupBy(["genre", "page_type"], mixpanel.reducer.count());

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JavaScript vs. SQL

Advantages of using JavaScript for analytics:
  • The full power of a programming language powered by V8 - the JavaScript engine in Chrome
  • Easily express & compose queries that are more understandable
  • A modern & popular programming language amongst developers to quickly get started
  • Flexible to use with unstructured, schemaless data
Disadvantages of using SQL for analytics:
  • Meant for rigid schemas for traditional relational databases
  • Difficult to manipulate and transform the data
  • Complex queries become unwieldy to read & compose
  • Limited flexibility due to query functions available in SQL

A console that makes it easier to collaborate.

JQL comes with a console so you can easily write, run, save, and edit queries at your company. Instead of seeing a stream of data in a terminal window, you can easily export the data to a CSV file to visualize the data quickly in a spreadsheet.

Easily visualize your data in one place with ReportKit.

ReportKit gives developers the power to build unique visualizations, dashboards, and reports right inside of Mixpanel. Directly integrated with your Mixpanel data, ReportKit makes it easier to build and customize critical reports that your whole company can use.

Get Started

Learn the core concepts of how to use JQL by working through a real-world example.

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API Reference

Check out the full set of APIs for JQL to learn how powerful and easy it is to use.

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Build a funnel with JQL

See a fully coded example of how to write a customized funnel analysis query.

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