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Revolutionize digital experiences by testing, personalization, and feature management with AB Tasty

About AB Tasty
AB Tasty is a customer experience optimization company. We help brands build better user experiences and unlock new levels of possibilities, faster.
With embedded AI and automation, our experimentation, personalization, and feature management platform lets marketing, product, and tech teams create richer digital experiences for customers, fast.

How AB Tasty and Mixpanel work together
Each time a visitor is exposed to an experiment, the AB Tasty tag sends an Event to Mixpanel. This event is populated with an attribute “AB Tasty” that contains experiment and variation id, in the following format:
“[$campaignId]$campaignName – [$variationId]$variationName”

Use cases for integration
AB Tasty’s integration with Mixpanel allows you to:
– Get a better understanding of your customers by adding more robust user data to your experimentation process
– Analyze in Mixpanel the effect AB Tasty experiments have in user behavior as users interact with your site or app
– See Mixpanel data for each variation in your AB Tasty experiment

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel

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