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Convert new users into raving fans with automated and personalized onboarding, product tours, surveys, and announcements.

About Appcues
Appcues makes it easy to design and publish in-app onboarding tours, announcements, and surveys – without relying on developers. The top brands in SaaS trust Appcues to improve new user activation, product adoption, feature discovery, and retention.

How Appcues and Mixpanel work together
With one click in your Appcues account, Appcues will begin sending Flow events and user feedback to Mixpanel for advanced analysis. When you input your Appcues API key into Mixpanel, you’ll then be able to sync cohorts built in Mixpanel to Appcues for segmentation and targeting of Appcues Flows.

Use cases for integration
Unlock the power to not only understand user behavior but change it. Use Mixpanel to identify friction in the user experience, then use Appcues to guide users through. Understand how user behavior aligns with sentiment by analyzing Appcues survey data (eg NPS) in Mixpanel. Create behavioral cohorts in Mixpanel, then send those to Appcues for Flow targeting and segmentation.

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel, Cohorts out of Mixpanel

Learn How to Integrate Mixpanel with Appcues
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