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In-app subscriptions infrastructure for mobile apps

About Apphud
Apphud provides a smarter way to build and grow mobile apps with in-app subscriptions. By making development simpler, providing real-time data and tools to increase revenue.

How Apphud and Mixpanel work together
Apphud can automatically send customer subscription events, like trial activations, renewals, cancellations and others to Mixpanel.

Send subscription information to user profile. Get a better picture of user behaviour in your app.

Report gross or net subscription revenue to Mixpanel. Choose between reporting gross revenue or net revenue without Apple commission.

Use cases for integration
Send almost 20 different subscription events to Mixpanel. Including: Trial Started, Trial Converted, Subscription Started, Autorenew Enabled or Disabled, Promo Started and others.

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel

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