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Create A/B tests and analyze in Mixpanel how different variations affect your conversion funnel.

About Convertize Limited
Convertize turns psychology into digital solutions, helping marketers to get better results online. Founded in 2011, we began by conducting acquisition campaigns for B2C and B2B websites. In order to generate more leads/sales for our clients, we used a combination of analytics, psychology and A/B Testing. In 2015, we developed our own A/B Testing software, “”Convertize””, which we offer as SaaS app.

How Convertize Limited and Mixpanel work together
The integration allows you to track your A/B testing participants in Mixpanel. For each visitor that participates in one of your A/B tests, the integration will record which experiment they have participated in, and which page variation of that experiment they were shown. This data is then sent to Mixpanel as an Event.

Use cases for integration
If you do funnel analysis with Mixpanel, you will be able to further analyze how different variations of your A/B test affect the overall conversion funnel.

Integration capabilities
Events into Mixpanel

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