Targeted messages

Tailor content to
influence users

Identify the users you need to nudge through your product. Send them targeted messages or A/B tests based on real-time behaviors to encourage certain actions.

Granular behavioral targeting

Boost campaign performance by targeting specific user groups

Determine the exact users you’d like to target with a message or an experiment, based on behavioral data, like watching a video, or abandoning a cart, and demographic data, like age or location.

A targeted push notification built in Mixpanel
Web and mobile messaging

Reach and influence users through push, email, SMS, and in-app messages

Easily build highly personalized messages, and test multiple versions to see what works—all in Mixpanel, no code required.

Setting a detailed message send trigger, sequences, and rate limits
Flexible delivery options

Maximize impact by controlling message prioritization and frequency

Set detailed behavioral triggers, sequences, and rate limits for messages, to ensure that each campaign is relevant, timely, and delivered at the right pace.

Creating an A/B test for a mobile app UI to increase conversion rates
Message experimentation

Quickly test different message variants and see what works best

A/B test your messages by changing their look and feel or wording. Measure how they perform and track the effect they have on your primary metrics to keep improving your user engagement messaging.

Message engagement analytics

Measure how messages moved your metrics in Mixpanel

Build Funnels and Flows to see exactly what happens after sending a message or running a test, or use the Impact report to see if your message impacted user behavior. See if your email actually brings users back into your app, and who uses the coupon code you sent.

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