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For a long time, we’ve thought of ourselves as an analytics company. But analytics is only one piece of the puzzle.

In conversations with our employees, customers, and community, we realized something: to really unlock the full potential of user analysis, we all have to break down silos and work across functions to get to know the people behind the data.

Our mission is still to help the world learn from its data, but we have a renewed perspective on how: make knowledge open and accessible to all. In the spirit of open knowledge, we want to share a preview of our vision. We hope you’ll join us.

Design intiution
We believe
The best ideas live in the gaps between people.
should be shared,
not siloed.
Open and knowledge are not enemies, they’re allies.
How people share knowledge defines their business.

    An open letter from our CEO Amir

    Mixpanel is almost 10 years old.

    Since the beginning, we’ve been on a journey to level the playing field so that every company can have access to the data infrastructure and analysis that only a few leading tech companies have been able to afford to build on their own.

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    Amir Movafaghi, CEO of Mixpanel

    Inspired by our customers

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      The team looks at trends in customer behavior before they make hard decisions in the interest of all users (ditching swiping, for one). The team also needs an individual understanding of each user to make a match to drive their mission: helping people find love.

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    • 02


      To encourage more people to dig into customer behavior, Senior Director of Product Jeff Sugar created “Mixpanel University”, and everyone who passes his class receives a special diploma signed by Professor Sugar.

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    • 03


      What started as a need for simple marketing metrics turned into a need for custom metrics across every area of the business. Now, 100 different stakeholders use Mixpanel to deeply understand their customer’s journey.

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      Lemonade logo

      Regardless of the team they join, every new hire at Lemonade learns how to use Mixpanel, so they can act based on an end-to-end understanding of their users.

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    Helping knowledge seekers to do good

    Open Knowledge is for any team or organization trying to make a difference, no matter their size or structure. We’re giving away our full enterprise plan to registered nonprofits for free to help make their impact on the world that much greater.

    Unified tools for
    open knowledge

    We’re creating an open ecosystem of partners. One tool isn’t going to solve all your problems, so we’re bringing together the best of the best with over thirty different turnkey integrations.

    Join the journey with us

    We can’t go it alone

    We’re just at the beginning of this new vision, and we want to share what we learn along the way. To follow our journey, join our growing community of 45,000+ product, marketing, and analytics people on our publication, The Signal.