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The power of attribution + product analytics: Get a full view of the customer lifecycle.

About Adjust
Adjust is a global app marketing analytics platform committed to ensuring the highest privacy and performance standards. Adjust’s solutions include attribution and measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, as well as automation tools. The company’s mission is to make mobile marketing simpler, smarter and more secure for the more than 50,000 apps working with Adjust.

How Adjust and Mixpanel work together
Attribution Data into Mixpanel:
Adjust captures valuable mobile user attribution data that are sent to Mixpanel in real time.

Actionable insights on your customer journey:
Using Adjust’s attribution data, Mixpanel customers are able to have a deeper understanding on how users from different sources are behaving and navigating their application.

Use cases for integration
Adjust’s integration with Mixpanel can help you do the following:

– Understand where users are coming from
– Know what exactly makes users engage
– Track the full user journey from click to churn to reinstall
– Test different campaign strategies and make reactive changes in real-time
– Automate repetitive tasks
– Prevent fraud from skewing your data sets and eating up your budgets

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