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ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success platform that helps subscription businesses fight churn, expand current accounts, increase product adoption and optimize the customer experience. Real-time product usage data is a central component of ChurnZero – and of proactive Customer Success teams. With product usage data in ChurnZero, your teams can:

  • Analyze usage trends at both the individual contact and overall customer level, and incorporate usage into customized customer health scores
  • Track customers’ progress in real-time as they move through various stages of the customer lifecycle
  • Automate tasks and communications based on customers’ usage and engagement metrics

Configuring ChurnZero with Mixpanel makes it easy to incorporate your usage data without custom code or requests to your development team. To set this up, provide your Mixpanel Secret API Key and the list of events you want to sync to your ChurnZero CSM. Once the connection is set up, ChurnZero will start tracking the Events and Attributes that are relevant to your Customer Success team, providing you with real-time insights into the behavior of your customers.


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