FullStory | Integration - Mixpanel


FullStory - FullStory tells you everything you need to know about your digital experience.

About FullStory
Deliver exceptional experiences by letting our easy-to-use, intelligent software pinpoint when, where, and how user struggle is affecting your revenue. FullStory delivers digital experience analytics, on-the-fly conversion funnels, session replay, advanced ability to search and segment, and robust debugging and developer tools—all while integrating with leading services across your stack.

How FullStory and Mixpanel work together
FullStory’s integration with Mixpanel adds a FullStory Session URL to every Mixpanel event as one of the event properties. So, you can easily see what exactly the customer’s experience was when they completed the event you’re tracking in Mixpanel. We also add a link to the most recent FullStory session available for each person in Mixpanel.

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