Rivery | Integration - Mixpanel


Rivery can be leveraged to integrate Mixpanel data feeds into your data warehouse of choice

About Rivery
Rivery is an intuitive data integration platform that aggregates and transforms all of your internal and external data sources in a single cloud-based solution. As a flexible code-free solution, Rivery empowers business intelligence and data teams to focus on analysis and insights, while leaving data pipeline maintenance solely to us.

How Rivery and Mixpanel work together
Rivery provides a variety of Mixpanel API report endpoints that users can pull into their data warehouse. Endpoints include Exporting of Raw Data, Segmentation, Retention, Funnels, Profiles, Events, Event Properties, Events Names, Events Top, Events Properties Top, Event Property Values, User Properties, User Properties Values, and Insights Saved Report

Use cases for integration
Data Warehousing, Data Pipeline

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