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Semetis is a business-centric and data-driven digital marketing agency that always puts users’ data at the center of the equation and focuses on 2 main areas of expertise – digital advertising and digital business intelligence.

We believe in the importance of automation to ensure spending most of our time on value-adding tasks and being able to scale performant initiatives faster. We have developed strong processes and methodology, such as our test-and-learn approach. This gives us the necessary flexibility to always be critical towards our approaches and to adapt our plans along the way to reach long-term objectives. Our business approach is based on partnership, transparency, knowledge, sharing, and performance. All of our services are defined to serve our clients’ business needs. Our goal is to help our clients grow in the long term and to continuously push the boundaries of innovation. Therefore, we believe in the smart use of data and technology.


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    Rue des Palais 44, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium

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    English, French, Dutch

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