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Our most popular use cases

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Implement Mixpanel via a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to increase data integrity - collecting, cleaning, protecting, and routing all user data and events through one centralized tool.

Engagement / Messaging

Leverage in-product engagement data for tailored user messaging and track how it affects user behavior.


Combine your attribution data with Mixpanel to see how engagement, conversion, and retention differ across ad channels and campaigns.

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How to get started

Not in our integration directory?

step 1


Build your integration easily with access to the Mixpanel Developer Portal and our comprehensive API documentation.

step 2


Perform quality assurance of your integration and record a walkthrough of the setup, showcasing how data is being shared between Mixpanel and your solution.

step 3


Publish customer-facing documentation (including a detailed setup guide) on your website.

step 4


Submit your application (with walkthrough and documentation) for review.