Userflow | Integration - Mixpanel


Stream user onboarding events about flows and checklists from Userflow to Mixpanel.

About Userflow
Userflow is a user onboarding software. The fastest flow builder on the market. With Userflow, you can improve your onboarding and customer retention with highly customized in-app walkthroughs, tours, checklists and more.

How Userflow and Mixpanel work together
Userflow-generated events, such as Flow Started and Checklist Task Completed , can be continuously streamed into your Mixpanel project of choice.

All you need to do is feed your Mixpanel Project Token into Userflow.

Use cases for integration
The Userflow-Mixpanel integration enables you to analyze how users interact with your flows/checklists, and correlate it to other behavioral analytics that you collect in Mixpanel.

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