VWO | Integration - Mixpanel


Run multi-channel experiments and understand customer journeys via heatmaps and session-recordings.

About VWO
VWO allows product and experimentation teams to seamlessly run A/B, multivariate and split tests at scale without developers’ help. Use it’s in-built heatmaps and session recordings to accurately map user journeys and understand the impact of your changes through robust Bayesian statistics. VWO serves more than 5000 customers in software, e-commerce, travel and media industries across 90 countries.

How VWO and Mixpanel work together
Leverage our one-click integration to target VWO experiments to Mixpanel Cohorts and close the loop by bringing VWO campaign data to Mixpanel experimentation reports. The integration lets you connect VWO engagement data with your in-app product data via Mixpanel to paint a holistic picture of customers’ journey to improve customer experience and increase customer acquisition and retention.

Use cases for integration
Granular targeting: Use Mixpanel cohorts for VWO’s experimentation engine to build engaging and targeted digital assets for those cohorts.

360° insights: In-depth customer journey analysis by combining in-product analytics data and data from VWO session recordings and maps.

In-depth analysis: Analyze the impact of VWO experiments by examining event data in Mixpanel’s Experimentation Reports.

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