WebEngage | Integration - Mixpanel


A one-time setup for exporting user data of Mixpanel Cohorts as Static Segments in WebEngage.

About WebEngage
WebEngage is a full-stack User Retention Suite that enables you to engage users across their lifecycle & deliver personalized platform experiences at scale. Our advanced analytics stack & predictive RFM segmentation help you build impactful campaigns with great ease. Fueled by our robust CDP that enables real-time tracking & unification of third-party user data – you are bound to be unstoppable!

How WebEngage and Mixpanel work together
The integration will work only if you have an active WebEngage a/c & our SDK is present on your apps/site.

  • Add your WebEngage REST API Key in Mixpanel to integrate.
  • If Mixpanel SDK was added to your apps/site prior to WebEngage SDK: Upload all Mixpanel user data in your WebEngage a/c to sync historical data. Please reach out to us at support@webengage.com for assistance.

Use cases for integration
Exporting user & behavioral data of Mixpanel cohorts to WebEngage enables you to:

  • Drive retention-led growth by activating dormant customers, promoting repeat purchases, driving platform engagement & content consumption.
  • Engage cohort users with highly targeted & personalized messages through their preferred channel. Be it Push, In-app, SMS, Web Overlays, Web Push, Email, or WhatsApp.

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