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Mixpanel News: Mixpanel and Zendesk partner to expand the future of data-driven customer experiences

Leading companies including Hinge, Lemonade, and Depop see user analytics as a new driver of product innovation and exceptional customer service experiences.


July 24, 2018 | San Francisco, CA

Today, Mixpanel, the world’s leading user analytics platform, announces its partner integrations with Zendesk, the cloud-based help desk solution used by more than 200,000 organizations worldwide. Now, customer care and support teams can see customers’ behavior before they submitted a ticket and, as a result, they can resolve those tickets more efficiently.

The Mixpanel App for Zendesk shows Mixpanel’s user details and activity feed all within the Zendesk interface. With these insights readily available, agents can understand each unique problem and provide more intelligent, empathetic service. The Mixpanel App for Zendesk also allows for more accurate bug reporting, a critical layer to any company’s product development cycle.

Hala Sawalha, Head of User Support at Hinge, a leading dating platform, has her customer experience team take action on user insights when people write into the app: “Now, the Support team has the information we need to triage user concerns and questions. Mixpanel built a seamless integration into our workflow, and continues to be our primary go-to in viewing the metrics, details, and other information necessary to make sure we can be efficient and expeditious in our customer support.”

These integrations also allow for customer support data to be sent into Mixpanel. With this level of user behavior analysis of support data, teams can quantify their impact, discover where there are opportunities to automate their resources and efforts, as well as measure the downstream effects after engaging with support teams.

Support teams can build reports and self-serve answers to questions like:

  • Do customers who interact with support retain better?
  • Which features cause the most support tickets?
  • Which support articles should be updated or automated based on a customer’s question?
  • Which support representative is the best at driving product engagement after a ticket is resolved?

In tracing customer pain points back to specific features, customer experience teams can play a more strategic role in informing product and engineering development, ultimately making company roadmaps more customer-centric.

Gil Sadis, Head of Product at Lemonade, a breakout insurance technology company, said: “We innovate quickly and align product priorities based on user feedback, so our teams look to Mixpanel to help surface not only what our customers need in the moment, but also what they’ll want us to iterate and ship down the road.”

With Mixpanel’s user behavior analytics, customer support representatives are now as equipped as product leaders, marketers, and analysts to drive company strategy when they have access to user engagement data.

“We’re committed to building an open ecosystem so that integrations, such as those with Zendesk, equip companies with the tools they need to empower every team member with behavioral analysis and accurate user information,” said Alison Holmlund, Vice President of Customer Success & Support at Mixpanel.

“The Mixpanel-Zendesk partnership was initially built because it empowered our award-winning Support team to see exactly what our customers go through before reaching out to us, which helps when answering technical questions. We decided to take this integration to the Zendesk Marketplace to help other customers, like Depop, to provide the same level of empathetic, personalized, and intelligent customer service to users on their global peer-to-peer shopping app. This is the first integration of its kind and it has helped us create a full feedback loop between Support and Product.”  

Billy Robins, Director of Technology Alliances at Zendesk, agrees: “These days, first impressions are make-or-break for brands. Whether customer service is expressed through email, social media, or through a phone call, user insights can give agents the confidence and data they need to close tickets faster, provide memorable experiences, and ultimately discover areas to improve the business,” he said.

The best customer experiences are built with Zendesk, and with our Marketplace partners such as Mixpanel, those experiences get even better. Businesses that have greater context about their customer journeys can offer more personalized and effective support.”

Mixpanel serves 30% of the Fortune 100 and innovative companies like DocuSign, Betterment, and Ring, all of whom are utilizing Mixpanel’s user analytics capabilities to better understand their platforms and data, and ways in which their users interact with both.

All of these capabilities are available today. For more information about Mixpanel, and see all integrations visit: www.mixpanel.com/platform.

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