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What's new in Mixpanel?

We’ve been hard at work. Check in every week to see our latest product updates for March.

April 22 – 26

Event-triggered in app messages

Event-triggered in-app messages

Now you can choose exactly when you want your in-app messages to appear, for both mobile and web, to ensure that messages are relevant and delivered at the right time. Simply select an event trigger, like “Completes purchase” or “Pauses game”, and the message won’t appear until the user takes that action.

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April 15 – 19


Pre-defined DAU, WAU, MAU

Easily calculate DAU (daily active users), WAU (weekly active users), and MAU (monthly active users) for any event of your choice, to measure the stickiness of your product (DAU/MAU). Understand how users are using your product and how often they are coming back to use the product, by calculating and visualizing this metric for your product in Insights with just a few clicks.

April 15 – 19

download CSV funnel trends

Download CSV trends from Funnels

We’ve just made it easier to understand how your conversion rates have trended over time. In only a couple of seconds, you can export funnel data to a CSV, so you can match notable changes to corresponding campaigns and feature launches.

April 8 – 12, 2019

Create cohorts from funnels

Create cohorts from funnels

Now it’s easy to create complex cohorts of users who complete or drop out of your funnel, in just a couple of clicks. Drive more conversions by targeting users who drop out of the funnel at the last step, with a coupon to nudge them across the finish line. Or, create a cohort of users who complete your funnel, and further analyze those users to find the behaviors or characteristics that lead more users to convert.

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April 1 – 5, 2019

Query caching

Thanks to intelligent background caching, your frequently-visited reports will now populate instantaneously, even if you’re one of our largest customers.

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