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What's new in Mixpanel?

We’ve been hard at work. Check in every week to see our latest product updates for August.

Session Metrics

Session metrics

Track your session-related KPIs and find out how many users convert within one or multiple sessions. In Flows, discover the top drop-off points that lead to a premature session end. In addition, get a new dashboard card for a time-to-convert Funnel and create cohorts directly from the results.


Data pipelines updates

  • Import pipelines: With minimum effort, send internal data from a warehouse or analytics pipeline into Mixpanel. By simply dropping files in a JSON format that contains event data into AWS, S3, or Google Cloud Storage, data will be extracted, transformed, and loaded into Mixpanel’s infrastructure.
  • Parquet file format for data pipelines: Now export data using our Data Pipelines product in the Parquet file format which offers improved data storage and query performance by orders of magnitude!
SMS messaging

Messaging updates

  • Track link clicks from your email: Simply check the “Track link clicks” checkbox and Mixpanel will track a “Message Link Clicked” event with the relevant URL, message, and will even parse your URL UTM parameters.
  • Send recurring messages directly from Explore instead of having to go into the Messages tab to set them up.
  • Create longer SMS messages – up to 10 messages long and 1600 characters. You can also use templating for greater flexibility to create dynamic and powerful SMS messages for your customers.


iOS app

Mixpanel iOS App

Check your metrics anytime, anywhere. The new Mixpanel app fully syncs your dashboards, bringing all the powerful visualizations of the web natively to your iPhone.

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