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December 10-December 14, 2018

Funnels time to convert

Time-to-convert chart in Funnels

Time-to-convert allows you to see how long it takes users to finish any given Funnel step – whether its minutes, hours, or days. Spot the steps that slow users down as they move through a checkout flow, for example, and send them a reminder to nudge them along. Or learn which steps they complete particularly fast, and replicate that experience in other areas of your product.

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December 3-December 7, 2018

flows hide events

Easily hide or select events in Flows

Instead of hiding events one by one, you can now hide all events in a single click, and selectively choose the events you’d like to visualize. This is helpful if you have tons of events that you don’t really care about, or if you’d like to zoom in on users who go back and forth between certain steps of a funnel. Plus, you can hide an event simply by right-clicking on the event in your flow.

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