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What's new in Mixpanel?

We’ve been hard at work. Check in every month to see our latest product updates. Here's what we have in store for you in December!

Inline cohorts

Inline Cohorts

Segment your users on the fly! Create cohorts on the fly in various reports without breaking your workflow.

Break your report down by multiple cohorts and then permanently save the ones you want to keep.

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Lifecycle analysis

Rolling date ranges in Cohorts

Curious to see how your user base is growing over time, or how users are moving between different states of engagement?

Run deep, segmentation analyses like Lifecycle analysis (or “growth accounting”) to dig deeper into user and revenue growth.

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Retention and Flows QB

Redesigned Query Builder – Flows and Retention

To maintain consistency across reports, we redesigned our query builder in Flows and Retention to let you build reports easier and in the same way you would in other reports.

You can now also save and load reports in Flows.

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