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February 18-22, 2019

multiple predict jobs

Run multiple predictions at a time

In Predict, you can now run up to 10 predictions at a time. That means a marketer can predict who will upgrade, and nudge those on the verge towards purchasing, with targeted messages. At the same time, a product manager can run a prediction to see who’s likely to cancel and re-engage them before it’s too late.

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February 11-15, 2019

Compare by Cohorts in Flows

Compare by cohorts in Flows

For the first time in any analytics product, you can compare flows of different user cohorts side by side. Compare how iPhone and Android users navigate your product, or see how people who arrive on a webpage from different channels – Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook – differ in activity after they get there. You can also click into long-tail events housed in the “other events” section, which can include low-volume, high-impact activity like conversion.

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February 4-8, 2019

smart alert

Easily manage alerts

Subscribe (or unsubscribe) to alerts on a per-report level. Simply select the reports that you want Mixpanel to monitor, and we’ll surface anomalies and interesting segments automatically, for those reports only.

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DW export sources

Data warehouse export

Save your engineering time and let us do the heavy lifting. Our fully managed pipeline syncs to your destination of choice, so your data is always up-to-date. Find out why our customers call this “Mixpanel’s most important product right now”.

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