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What's new in Mixpanel?

We've been hard at work and wanted to share our latest product updates for February.

Marketo and Urban Airship dynamic syncing with Mixpanel

Marketo and Urban Airship integrations

Target campaigns more effectively with the power of user data from Mixpanel. Build a cohort, export users directly to Marketo or Urban Airship, and send those users content that’s tailored to their actions.

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The Mixpanel Platform unifies data across your systems of record.

Bring external data into Mixpanel

Answer more complex questions about your users by joining Mixpanel data with external data sources. Use our turnkey Salesforce and Zendesk integrations and our Datasets API to bring data from sales, support and more, into the user-centric data model.

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Access 1,000 new integrations through Zapier

Mixpanel can now connect to over 1,000 web tools, thanks to our integration with Zapier. Boost productivity by automating the data transfer process.

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New Mixpanel user interface

  • We’ve redesigned Mixpanel to make it easier to find the features you’re looking for, while opening up more space to build the reports you rely on every day.

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Insights enhancements

  • You can now load 1,500 property values in Insights, granting more flexibility in building complex reports.
  • Sort numerical buckets in Insights to better organize your results.

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Other improvements

  • New standardization of ID mapping for Messages data keeps your reports consistent so you can better analyze the effectiveness of your communication within the rest of your Engagement reports.
  • Duplicate funnels in just one click—so it’s easy to create different versions of existing funnels.
  • Help your accounting team stay organized by downloading receipts straight from the Billing tab.

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