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What's new in Mixpanel?

We’ve been hard at work. Check in every week to see our latest product updates for January.

January 21-25, 2019

Query volume

Lexicon updates

See which of your data is actually used. We now count every time an event or property is queried and display the total number from the last 30 days, so you know what data your colleagues are actually using.

Drop incoming data. If you change your mind about data that you want to track or track something by mistake, you can drop it before it gets ingested, so it doesn’t clutter your project.

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Merge and bulk hide events and properties

If you have multiple events or properties that mean the same thing, like “Watch class”, “Class watched” and “Watched_class” you’ll be able to easily merge them into one.

Select the events or properties that you don’t want to see in Mixpanel anymore, like unused or old events, and hide them all in one click.

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Time-to-convert chart in Funnels

With the time-to-convert chart in Funnels, you can track how long it takes users to finish a Funnel or it’s particular step – in minutes, hours, or days. Identify where you should nudge users along with targeted messages, or replicate the steps they complete quickly in other areas of your product.

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Easily control employee access to Mixpanel

We’ve made it easier for Admins to grant or restrict user access to Mixpanel. New settings include the ability to bulk invite users to projects, create teams, and manage access to Mixpanel on an individual and team level.

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January 14-18, 2019

Plot projects

Plot Projects integration

Send real-world behavioral and location data from your app to Mixpanel to surface insights, create audiences, and predict the right time and place to reach customers.

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January 7-11, 2019

An illustration of analyzing data on a conveyer belt

Performance enhancements

Mixpanel should now be a whole lot faster. See for yourself in Insights and Live View, which are both up to 2x faster after widespread (and ongoing!) infrastructure improvements.

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pie chart in insights

Pie chart in Insights

In addition to creating line graphs, bar charts, and tables, you can now create easy-to-digest pie charts in Insights.

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