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What's new in Mixpanel?

We’ve been hard at work. Check in every month to see our latest product updates. Here's what we have in store for you in January!

Causal Impact

Propensity Modeling in Impact

Get statistically sound, reliable analyses of the impact of your product launches.

For example, see if a new search feature caused users to add an article, video or file to their favorites more often.

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Experiment reporting

Tracking the impact of A/B tests on your metrics is often time consuming and painful.

See how your A/B tests affect all the metrics related to your experiment in one place, so you know which experiments are worth the effort.

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Time to convert trend

Time to convert trends in Funnels

Trying to speed up your onboarding flow? 

Visualize whether that new release or update is helping your customers move through your conversion flow quicker. 

Frequency charts

Frequency chart in Funnels

How many times do your users repeat a specific step before moving on to the next one?

See how users that repeat a funnel step and convert compare to users who don’t.

Other updates:

Sessions aggregator in Insights

In addition to Totals and Uniques, Insights now lets you aggregate by Sessions so you can track how many user sessions include specific events and how that trends over time.

2019 Product Highlights

We shipped over 80 features and updates to Mixpanel last year. In case you missed some of them, check out our 2019 product highlights!

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