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What's new in Mixpanel?

We've been hard at work and wanted to share our latest product updates for July.

Data audit

Data Audit

Data Audit surfaces potential implementation issues and prevents unexpected data from negatively impacting your analysis experience. It provides one place to see whether Mixpanel encountered anything new that was not expected. All Mixpanel users now have access to the Data Audit feature that they can enable to start tracking unexpected events, properties and property types.

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Create cohorts time to convert

Create cohorts from time-to-convert chart

Find out who are your power users who fly through your funnel and where regular users get stuck (e.g. compare these two cohorts in User Flows report to find friction points). Or, analyze marketing segments by how fast users complete your funnel across different marketing channels

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On demand analysis

On-demand analysis: time comparisons

Time Comparison enables our users to see which segments move the most across time — either driving the overall conversion rate change, or behaving drastically differently from the rest of the group.

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