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What's new in Mixpanel?

We've been hard at work and wanted to share our latest product updates for June.

Power user curve retention

Identify your power users

Visualize a Power User Curve in Retention, in order to identify your most engaged users, and understand how the group is growing over time. You’ll see if your engagement is getting better over time — which in turn helps assess product launches and performance of other feature changes.

accounts-company analysis

Group Analytics

Go beyond analyzing individual user behaviors by grouping data by account, device—or any other way you want to assess your business. Answer questions about account health, calculate the lifetime value of your assets, drive enterprise adoption, and more.

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Insights enhancements

Insights: break down results even further

  • Break down by time units: Break down events by hour, day, week, month, day of the week and hour of the day with the new “Date” property.
  • Bulk filter selection: Instead of individually selecting each city, user ID, or whatever you’re trying to filter by, upload a comma-separated list of values all at once.
  • Segment a custom event by individual events: Say you have a custom event, like “Core Report Activity”, comprised of several events. You can now break it down by “Event Name” to see how each individual event is contributing to the custom event.
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Messaging: new targeting and personalization options

  • Send in-app messages to cohorts: Target users based on behaviors, like not logging in within the last 30 days, or dropping out of your purchase funnel, with in-app messages on mobile and web. You can now use any cohort created within Mixpanel to immediately send messages to users that qualify. 
  • Personalized SMS messages: Personalize your SMS messages to each individual user, by inserting conditional logic, recommended items, dynamic names and dates, and more. 
  • Activity history tracking: Ever curious to know who changed the image in your email? Simply click into the ellipsis (the three dots) on your message list to review the activity history of all changes made.


Funnels: find insights faster

  • New query builder: Both the report and query builder will be on a single page, making it easy to update and iterate Funnels, and see the changes immediately.
  • On demand funnel analysis: Mixpanel will comb through your event properties and cohorts, and show you which segments convert higher or lower than average, and how that behavior is trending over time.
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