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What's new in Mixpanel?

We've been hard at work and wanted to share our latest product updates for May.

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Visualize how cohorts change over time

See how cohorts, like “Power users on mobile” or “Blog-driven signups”, grow or shrink over time, in a simple visualization. Understand how events impact the number of users in a cohort, so you know how to drive more users into your high-value cohorts. *Closed beta

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Custom alerts

Have peace of mind that Mixpanel is monitoring your metrics for you, by setting a threshold for a metric, and get alerted via email if that metric moves above, or below, that threshold. Plus, set up the alert to be delivered to multiple people, even those that don’t have a Mixpanel account.

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Easily build and customize emails

Our new email builder includes pre-built templates, and a drag-and-drop editor, so you can quickly build beautiful emails. Save templates and modules to reuse on an ongoing basis, and add videos, buttons and more, in just a couple of clicks. Then, personalize your emails by inserting recommended items, dynamic dates, and more.

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  • Ask, answer, and comment on product and analytics-related questions.
  • Submit feature requests and feedback, and get real-time responses from Mixpanel’s product team.
  • Earn reputation points after completing activities and rise in the ranks as an analytics guru.

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Analyze top segments in Funnels automatically

    Automatically surface the best and worst performing segments in your Funnels. Mixpanel will comb through your event properties and cohorts, and show you which ones convert higher or lower than average, so you know which groups to drill deeper into. *Open Beta

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Explore users in each cohort

    We’ve added the cohorts builder to Explore, so you can create and modify cohorts on the fly, and see the full list of users in each cohort. From there, send those users a targeted message, and measure how it impacts your metrics.

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Value-based, predictable pricing model

    We’ve updated our billing plans to focus on Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) instead of Events and Profiles. With our MTU plans, you get full access to all our analytics features, regardless if you are on a free or paid plan, and your costs will scale with user base growth, not data volume.

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