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November 26-November 30, 2018

Compare cohorts in funnels

Compare cohorts in funnels

Compare up to 200 cohorts in a Funnel! Let’s say you want to compare differences in how “Free Power Users,” “Free New Users,” and “Free Blog Subscribers” upgrade to the paid plan. Simply select those cohorts from the dropdown, and you’ll see a table that shows how many users per cohort completed each step in the Funnel.

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November 12-November 16, 2018

cohort export

View and export user cohorts

Open a cohort in Explore to see the full list of the users in that cohort. Then, export those users to a CSV, so you can leverage Mixpanel’s targeting in other tools in your stack. Or, build a group of users in Explore, and export them to a CSV from there.

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November 5-November 9, 2018

Year long conversion window

Funnels: One-year conversion window

Instead of a 90-day conversion window, you can now track conversions that take up to a year to complete. This makes it possible for Saas, or financial companies, who might have a 6 or 9 month long purchase process, to track the entire purchase flow in one funnel.

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Dashboards new visualization

Dashboards visualizations

Customize the look of your dashboards, by choosing how your charts appear. View your data as a bar graph, line graph, pie chart, or for ultimate simplicity – as one single metric.

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Hold property constant

Funnels: hold property constant

Hold the value of one or more event properties constant through the funnel, ensuring that all users within the funnel have the specified property value(s). For example, let’s say you want to see how many users receive a recommendation to play a song, then play the song, and finally end up purchasing the same song.  Simply hold “Song title” constant, and you can see how often people complete that funnel, for any song.

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October 29-November 2, 2018

Cohorts in Signal

Cohorts in Signal

It’s easier than ever to use Signal to analyze the behaviors that keep users retained, and learn what actions to nudge users towards. Instead of setting a bunch of conditions to target the right users, such as “Users” that did “Sign up” where “Plan = free” in the last “30 days, simply select the “Free Plan Signups” cohort and you’re ready to go. Plus, you can choose to enter a cohort as a goal event. For example, for users in the cohort FreeUsers, find out if SavingPlayList is correlated with them being in the cohort PowerUsers.

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Flows: Add/remove steps

Add or remove steps in Flows

Flows gives you even more power in exploring your user’s behavior. In just one click, create longer, more complex flows by adding additional steps. Instead of spending hours creating different versions of your 10-step Funnel to find the optimal conversion path, use Flows to explore all the different ways users navigate your product, in minutes.

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