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What's new in Mixpanel?

We’ve been hard at work. Check in every month to see our latest product updates. Here's what we have in store for you in November!

Custom Properties

Custom Properties (Beta)

Modify your property values with simple-to-use Excel-like formulas, without needing your development team to send in new properties. For example:

  • Bucket users based on existing properties, such as “Video Duration,” to create specific groups (< 60 = “Less than 1 hour,” ≥ 60 = “Over 1 hour.”)
  • Merge similar property values into one (“SF,” “San Francisco” → “San Francisco.”)
  • Create new properties based on multiple existing properties (such as Total = “Price” x “Qty.”)
Compare Funnels

Visualize Funnel breakdowns

Wondering how different segments convert across your funnel?

Funnels users can now visually compare their funnels by up to three properties or cohorts at once to answer questions like “How do various segments convert across each step?” or “Which segment converts the fastest?”.

You can also create cohorts of users that either convert or drop off at any step along the way to investigate further.

Liquid templating in push messages

Liquid templating in push messages

Liquid templating allows for greater flexibility to create dynamic and powerful messages for your customers.

Select the checkbox marked “Advanced templating (liquid)” below the “Custom Data” box to use Liquid formatting and personalize your messages, or set up language localization.

iOS app

Mixpanel iOS App

Check your metrics anytime, anywhere. The Mixpanel iOS app fully syncs your dashboards, bringing all the powerful visualizations of the web natively to your iPhone.

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