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October 22-26, 2018

Segmentation convert to Insights

Convert Segmentation queries to Insights

In just one click, you can convert any Segmentation query into an Insights report. Then, take your analysis a step further by applying formulas or focusing on cohorts in your Insights reports.

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October 15-19, 2018

Segment and Mixpanel webinar

Find out how Segment and Mixpanel find ‘aha’ and ‘habit’ moments in their data

As a product leader, you are not only tasked with shipping products that provide value to your user, but also helping them to see that value. The speed at which your user achieves those ‘aha’ moments is usually the difference between a user that grows with you or one that churns. However, without the right data, getting users down this path can seem elusive.

Together, Mixpanel and Segment make it easier for you to combine and explore your first-party customer data, so you can better understand and support your users to help them get value out of your product faster. In this webinar, Alex Bensick of Mixpanel and Stephanie Evans of Segment will explain how to identify, define, and activate successful users.

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October 8-12, 2018

Dashboards drag and drop

Dashboards refresh

We’ve made it easier to use Dashboards to track and share your most important metrics. The long list of enhancements include: refreshed navigation, global date filter, drag and drop dashboard reports, and adding bookmarked reports to dashboards. Plus, you can create, edit, delete, rename, publicize, or hide a dashboard—all from one place.

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lexicon property

Property descriptions in Lexicon

Keep your Mixpanel documentation up-to-date and your projects organized. In addition to adding descriptions for events, you can also provide descriptions for event and user properties. Plus, set an example value, and view the 30-day volume count, simply by hovering over an event or property.

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Lexicon gif

Display names and tags in Lexicon

Use the new interface under the “Data Management” tab to add display names that change how any event or property is displayed throughout Mixpanel, and to find information for any event, event property, or user property. Plus, categorize events by adding tags, such as “Purchase” or “Mobile”, to quickly find the event you’re looking for.

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October 1-5, 2018


Flows availability

Flows is now available for all enterprise customers. Explore how users navigate your product, so you can steer them towards the paths that drive conversion and retention. With the ability to hide events, set forward or reverse flows, and break down by property, you can get granular in spotting the parts of your product that push users closer to, or away from, your goal.

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